Saturday, 20 August 2016


the newest camera that i have bought is a splitcam!
i have wanted one of these for awhile.  it's a nifty little yellow & black plastic thing that lets you take multiple pictures on the same frame.  it has little pieces of plastic that you can slide over half the lens that blocks the top or bottom each time.
i had a couple of troubles with this roll too..  cause well, since i was having winding issues with the oktomat i was feeling pessimistic and thought this one wasn't winding either and opened up the back and ruined the first few pictures.  THEN.. ugh.  partway through, i was carying it by the little strap thingy, it was swinging, and the back popped open on me, so it ruined some more.
i like the way the pictures turned out!

some are out of frame,

and some are only part of a picture

but the ones that worked like they probably should have were really neat!

but i liked it..  the camera.  and i will probably take more pictures with it again.  hopefully this time i wont be having the back opening on it a bunch of times!

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