Saturday, 20 August 2016

old disposable camera + nailpolish

so..  i had this old disposable camera.  old old old disposable camera.  i am not sure where i got it, but i think it may have actually been my brother's wedding.  i don't remember when my brother got married, but i know that my sister got married 8 years ago & she had not even met her husband at that time.  it was a long time ago, over 10 years.
anyway..  i decided to do something with it..  something with the lens.  paint it with nailpolish, like a filter.  i've had a super crappy week and my brain is fried and i cant remember things too well, it was awhile ago when i finished taking these pictures.. ugh.  i can't remember exactly which nailpolish i used for this.. i think it was a purpleish one with a fine glittery stuff in it, but it coulda been pinkish???   something like that anyway..
the pictures turned out sorta blurry..

the first 2 were both like this..  i have no idea what it is??? it looks kinda just like shadows?  who knows.. but those spots in it are interesting.  i wonder if that's the glittery stuff????

 chickens!~  (in my cousin's back yard.)

now.. i had no idea what i was doing.. 
it didnt really give it much of a purple or pink tinge..  maybe it was a bit thick and that's what made it blurry..  maybe if i put a darker colour it would give it more of a tinge of colour?  who knows.
i have at least 1 more old disposable camera someone gave me.. not as old as this one was, but it's still expired i think..  maybe i'll give it another try!~

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