Saturday, 20 August 2016


i got some film developed.  this time i was smart? and had it put on a disk, so i have it in files..  i did it this way cause it was cheaper..  (getting it put on a disk and then getting digital prints from somewhere else would be cheaper than just getting the film developed with a set of prints, so ???)
so..  this is from my oktomat!~
this was only the 2nd time i have ever used it.. the first time was quite awhile ago, and i had problems both times..  problems with the film advancing.  ugh.
this time, well..  i did weird things, after taking a picture i would go into the dark and open up the back and sorta try and advance the film by pushing it through on my own.   it sorta worked??? 

some of the pictures overlapped however..  like pax here and feet.

i think this was a picture of my nieces playing with a ball, but i didnt get them in the picture, only the ball?

no clue what this purple blue stuff is!?  and some other weird grainy stuff.

and then like i said, out of frame..

& then 2 that sorta worked.

i was thinking that this camera was messed up and i was going to ruin a roll of old film trying to figure out if i could get it to wind properly, but the very first tim i put it in it worked!  so i guess that's good!  stupid camera. 

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