Thursday, 31 December 2015

christmas tree!~

i am fairly sure i almost always have finger prints on my glasses..
also, i took pictures of the christmas tree.. while laying on the couch and watching some old movie..
i used those.. scene modes or whatever the hell they are called.. ya know?
i will write down the settings i used, in case i happen to want to know at a later date.. cause.. well.. who knows.. i might.. ???

these 2 used the fireworks setting..

this one was super vivid!

and this one was the poster effect...

monocrome.. weird taking pictures of pretty coloured lights in black and white eh?

these ones were with the soft focus thingy...

& then all of these were the toy camera option..   there are 3 different colour tones with it.. i kinda like this one so..

and then these were the fisheye..