Tuesday, 15 December 2015

some holiday 3d

so, i have taken a few ~holiday themed~ 3d photos, and i thought i would put them up here.. why the hell not.
these were taken at rona (or lowes.. gosh i cant remember which.. a hardware store of some sort, not home depot, i know that much)  the giant stupid looking soldier guy reminded me of my cousin.. not cause it looks like my cousin, it just reminded me of him..

these ones are all of the lovely trees downtown.. and the giant tree downtown..

these ones were taken at the festival of trees.. i made them black & white cause the colour in some of them was kinda hideous!~  ..i have one with the colour too that wasnt so bad.. you can see the difference..

these were from the legislature grounds...

& a snowy one of the high level bridge that turned out rather purty..

& lastly the ever so lovely blue trees at NAIT..

ho ho ho & all that junk.

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