Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Swap-bot -- Snap Happy -- Sept.

i joined a photo swap!  at swap-bot.  the snap happy september swap!  & these are my pictures based on the 8 prompts given:

3 things



black and white

s is for... sticker!


colourful  (maybe i cheated a bit on this one, cause i used the 'super vivid' filter on my camera which makes things extra colourful!)

where I stood

i ended up not taking all the pictures after i signed up for the swap, but i DID take them all in september!  so that counts right?  i think so!  i think it was a fun little project though, so yay!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

blurry coloured lights

it's starting to get darker a lot earlier these days... so i had the chance to take pictures of lights on the way home from eating some soup.  i tried doing it using the super vivid filter this time..  and these are some blurry ones..  blurry blurry pretty colours.