Tuesday, 15 November 2016

downtown lights

last week i had time to kill cause my doc appointment was canceled, so i experimented with this phone again.  i figured out a better way to hold it to take pictures of lights!  not exactly the best way to hold it for normal pictures though unfortunately, which is too bad cause i think it would have been better for my shaky hands, but oh well.. i'll figure it out.
these are rather bright cause it was still fairly light out.

see.. downtown.

then for a little bit i tried doing these twisty things...

first cell phone light pictures.

i got a cell phone.  yikes.
i wasn't sure if it would be any good at taking pictures of lights..  this was my first attempts.  it was weird holding it and you don't get to see what the pictures look like till you look through them afterwards, so i thought they were crap as i was taking them.  i played with the settings a bit.. some are just the automatic and then i attempted to mess with the manual and the exposure length... but who the hell knows.
eek ack oook and whatnot.