Saturday, 20 August 2016

damaged film.. lemon juice!

i got 4 rolls of film developed this time (well, one was a disposable camera) & this was my favourite!  it was also the strangest i suppose.  my first ever experiment with damaging film..
i saw a couple pictures by some people with damaged film that looked really neat but not a lot of info on what/how to do anything.. from what i could tell i figured that most of these people develop their own film and did the damaging after they took the pictures & before processing.
being able to develop my own film would be swell, but i cant do that.  i dont have the set up..  or the know how really.. 
anyway..  my original plan was to snap a picture, open the back, spray the film with some lemon juice (that's what i had decided to use, lemon juice) and then wind the film..  but i realized that this would be problematic..  mainly cause it would be super messy. 
what i ended up doing was messy too i suppose, but it was messy in one batch instead of every shot.  i got the film into the dark..  what i had for dark ended up being a black bucket..  plus extra stuff, but that was the only surely light proof thing i could find at the moment.. and pulled all the film out of the roll..  then i sprayed the whole thing with lemon juice (i had put lemon juice in a little spray bottle for this project).  then i wound the film back in by hand, which took a long long time and i thought perhaps was not going to work and perhaps i had just ruined it and ugh.  but eventually i got it all back in!
then i just used it like regular old film.
i used my "penmax" camera.. which is an old camera that i got from a thrift shop for a few bucks many years ago.  i like it but i havent used it in a really long time!

so neat!~

it made the colours weird.. and also there's little bits of dust and whatnot stuck to it.. which i guess was bound to happen, but that's ok.  i kinda like it!


 one of the things that i like about my penmax thingy is that you can do multiple exposures..

well...  i really like how they turned out..
i am gonna try it again sometime.  probably with something else besides lemon juice, not sure what.. but i think it'll be neat to see what other things do.

old disposable camera + nailpolish

so..  i had this old disposable camera.  old old old disposable camera.  i am not sure where i got it, but i think it may have actually been my brother's wedding.  i don't remember when my brother got married, but i know that my sister got married 8 years ago & she had not even met her husband at that time.  it was a long time ago, over 10 years.
anyway..  i decided to do something with it..  something with the lens.  paint it with nailpolish, like a filter.  i've had a super crappy week and my brain is fried and i cant remember things too well, it was awhile ago when i finished taking these pictures.. ugh.  i can't remember exactly which nailpolish i used for this.. i think it was a purpleish one with a fine glittery stuff in it, but it coulda been pinkish???   something like that anyway..
the pictures turned out sorta blurry..

the first 2 were both like this..  i have no idea what it is??? it looks kinda just like shadows?  who knows.. but those spots in it are interesting.  i wonder if that's the glittery stuff????

 chickens!~  (in my cousin's back yard.)

now.. i had no idea what i was doing.. 
it didnt really give it much of a purple or pink tinge..  maybe it was a bit thick and that's what made it blurry..  maybe if i put a darker colour it would give it more of a tinge of colour?  who knows.
i have at least 1 more old disposable camera someone gave me.. not as old as this one was, but it's still expired i think..  maybe i'll give it another try!~


the newest camera that i have bought is a splitcam!
i have wanted one of these for awhile.  it's a nifty little yellow & black plastic thing that lets you take multiple pictures on the same frame.  it has little pieces of plastic that you can slide over half the lens that blocks the top or bottom each time.
i had a couple of troubles with this roll too..  cause well, since i was having winding issues with the oktomat i was feeling pessimistic and thought this one wasn't winding either and opened up the back and ruined the first few pictures.  THEN.. ugh.  partway through, i was carying it by the little strap thingy, it was swinging, and the back popped open on me, so it ruined some more.
i like the way the pictures turned out!

some are out of frame,

and some are only part of a picture

but the ones that worked like they probably should have were really neat!

but i liked it..  the camera.  and i will probably take more pictures with it again.  hopefully this time i wont be having the back opening on it a bunch of times!