Saturday, 20 August 2016

damaged film.. lemon juice!

i got 4 rolls of film developed this time (well, one was a disposable camera) & this was my favourite!  it was also the strangest i suppose.  my first ever experiment with damaging film..
i saw a couple pictures by some people with damaged film that looked really neat but not a lot of info on what/how to do anything.. from what i could tell i figured that most of these people develop their own film and did the damaging after they took the pictures & before processing.
being able to develop my own film would be swell, but i cant do that.  i dont have the set up..  or the know how really.. 
anyway..  my original plan was to snap a picture, open the back, spray the film with some lemon juice (that's what i had decided to use, lemon juice) and then wind the film..  but i realized that this would be problematic..  mainly cause it would be super messy. 
what i ended up doing was messy too i suppose, but it was messy in one batch instead of every shot.  i got the film into the dark..  what i had for dark ended up being a black bucket..  plus extra stuff, but that was the only surely light proof thing i could find at the moment.. and pulled all the film out of the roll..  then i sprayed the whole thing with lemon juice (i had put lemon juice in a little spray bottle for this project).  then i wound the film back in by hand, which took a long long time and i thought perhaps was not going to work and perhaps i had just ruined it and ugh.  but eventually i got it all back in!
then i just used it like regular old film.
i used my "penmax" camera.. which is an old camera that i got from a thrift shop for a few bucks many years ago.  i like it but i havent used it in a really long time!

so neat!~

it made the colours weird.. and also there's little bits of dust and whatnot stuck to it.. which i guess was bound to happen, but that's ok.  i kinda like it!


 one of the things that i like about my penmax thingy is that you can do multiple exposures..

well...  i really like how they turned out..
i am gonna try it again sometime.  probably with something else besides lemon juice, not sure what.. but i think it'll be neat to see what other things do.

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