Saturday, 1 April 2017

reflections - city hall

yesterday i went to the art gallery.  when i came out, downtown was pretty.  i walked around the wading pool at city hall, it was drained and there was just some puddles of water in it..  but things reflected..
at first i saw trees, and i really like reflected trees in puddles!  but then i saw more of the city.. and that was super pretty too!

there were some trees around there that had lights on them, i like those trees!  and i could see their reflection.. i couldnt really get a great angle, i was trying to.. walking around trying to find the right direction that i could get a good shot of the trees..  but even so, even with just part of the trees i still would have liked to take a picture of the sparkly lit up trees!  BUT.. well, it didnt seem to work.  for whatever reason, on the camera the lights on the trees just didnt want to show up..  it was sad.  oh well.
these are phone pictures..  i took some with my camera too but i havent really seen those yet cause my computer is not working right so i dont really have a place i wanna upload them to.
but i do like these pictures!  i like reflections..  i like how how they look on the light blue with the muddy bits.. i think i'd kinda like that even without the reflections too..  but it was a happy surprise to find.. when you can get a look into that underworld.
it was pretty up above too..

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