Thursday, 27 April 2017

borden park 3d!~

i went for a walk to the park .. and things were looking awfully 3d!  so i took a bunch of 3d pictures.  unfortunately they didnt really turn out quite as lovely as they looked in the real world.. but oh well.  so here are some park pictures.  i think that program is being weird too..  cause there are pictures that looked good/fine/whatever when i saved them, but then when i looked back at them they were kinda crappy, but whatever, i dont feel like doing anything about it at the moment!

 these ones were not taken in the park.. but near there, i was walking to catch the bus to go home.  there's a little ravine sorta thing and i stopped to take a picture of a big old raven sitting on the top of a tree.

 this one was not taken near there at all.  i think this a tree out in front of my folks place???

and that is the end.

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