Friday, 8 January 2016

light trails....

on my walk home i was looking at the cars & the christmas lights on the trees that line the streets & decided to try and take some trailing light type pictures of the cars lights along with the the christmas lights.. i thought it might look nice?  ...this time however, i never plopped my camera down on something to hold it steady, no.. i just stood there in the cold..and it was cold.. and attempted to hold that thing steady for 2 seconds.  well.. i am not such a steady person on the best of days.. so it wasnt the best job. ..but i got something?

well.. some are more steady than other.
then i walked a few more blocks home.  there are trees over there.. and i like the way leafless trees look kinda spookylike in the dark.  so i stopped before a streetlight, so i had that added light, and well.. these photos.. well.. these ones are not steady at all, but i think they look kinda neat!

and then i guess i seemed to manage to get things a little more steady..  i like these ones better than the ones with christmas lights.. the car lights here just look better for some reason?

(this one was 1"3 with the shutter & the rest of them were 1"6 .. all the ones before were all 2)

and you can see the little folks walking away.
i think they are neat anyway...

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