Tuesday, 10 November 2015

the long way home.

so.  originally when i created this i had the intention of just posting some of my 3d photos because i thought maybe that might be better than having them waste away in some file on this machine, but then i thought maybe i should post some of my other camera fun stuff!~
i absolutely positively ~likeverymuch~ taking pictures of lights.  it makes me happy.  i cant say i really know anything about taking pictures of lights, i just mess around with stuff.  i sometimes like to collect little light up things i can find and play around with them and see what they make.  but its not like i ~know~ about light painting or anything & i dont have a tripod, well, that is a lie, and i dont like to lie, just recently i found a little mini flexible tripod at the good old dollarama for $3, so i bought it.  i have only used it once though, the day i bought it, i was in a hurry and i tried to use it to take some pictures of my hands, i think i deleted them all because they looked stupid.  so, anyway.. yeah.
so.. um.. the other day i was on a ride in the car and it was raining and the lights looked really nifty through the window and the rain and all that & i took some pictures, so, ta-da:

and that is what lights look like in the rainy snow & cold when you get lost in construction at night.
fun fun.

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